The Department of Geology offers talks featuring various speakers from academia and industry to address interested faculty and students weekly.  The colloquiums are held at 12:30 -1:30 PM on Fridays during the semester in Brooks Hall room 325 (feel free to bring a lunch). All talks are free and most are open to the public.

Fall 2018 Tentative Schedule

8/24    "Back to the Bush" .... welcome back event   
Bring a few of your summer photographs and stores to share. Even if you didn't do exciting field work, please join us and tell us what you've been doing, and help welcome the new students to WVU. 
Flyer 1   Flyer 2   Flyer 3   Flyer 4  (enjoy them all)
Graham Andrews (WVU)
9/7     Missed Connection: Ignimbrite Seeking Plutonic Relationship
Drew Coleman (UNC)
9/21 The Bizarre Ending of West Virginia Caver Peter Hauer, a Dark Karst True-Crime Story of Murder-Suicide or Double Murder,  Rauch_MurderyMysteryColloquium2018  
Henry Rauch (WVU)

Responding to Students in Distress.  .... rescheduled to 11/2

10/11   The Role of Geoscience in Sustainable Energy Development "Recycling" Petroleum Basins  Cox Flyer_Oct2018
Denise M Cox AAPG Pres. 2018-19
10/19 Experimental Rock Mechanics for Improving Mine Safety
Cancelled - will be rescheduled for next year.

10/26 GSA practice session - Talks & Posters WVU students
11/2   Responding to Students in Distress.  Dr. Sara Troupe, Outreach Coordinator for the WVU Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services.  
Dr. Sara Troupe (WVU)
11/9   Postponed until spring Matt Brueseke (KSU)
11/16 Peering Inside Rocks: Using X-ray tomography to examine rock structure and properties Dustin Crandall (DOE-NETL)
11/30 Come celbrate the end of the semester by participating in the Geo Quiz with Dr. Jaime Toro! Jaime Toro (WVU)

Spring 2019 Schedule


Experimental Rock Mechanics for Improving Mine Safety                           
Prof. Brijes Mishra (WVU Mining Eng) 


Open Questions on Open Vent Volcanoes: Case Studies of Llaima (Chile) and Mayon (Philippines)

Dr. Dawn Ruth (Ohio University)  
2/22   Pluto: From the Lab to the Maps"well done Caitlin Aherns (U Arkansas & WVU-Alum)
Welcome back Caitlin!
3/22    Title TBD   Dr. Genevieve Robert (Bates)