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Geology Program

Geology Students at the Badlands, SD

About the Geology Program

The Geology Program at West Virginia University prepares people for a range of fields - from environmental geology to paleontology to hydrogeology. The program offers undergraduate, Masters, and PhD degrees in the discipline of Geology.

The strengths of the Program are related to the natural resources and environmental needs of West Virginia and the proximity of the natural laboratory of the Appalachian Mountains. The programs in petroleum geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, environmental geology have recently been expanded to meet the growing demand in these fields.

The Geology Program offers undergraduate and graduate opportunities in clastic and carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy, environmental geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, mineralogy, metamorphic petrology, paleontology, petroleum geology, Quaternary geology and geomorphology, structural geology and tectonics. Check under research specialty areas.

The Geology Program runs a five-week summer field camp in South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Many geology classes include field trips to classic localities in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The Geology Program maintains a partnership with the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, which is located in Morgantown. We have also established strong ties with both energy and environmental industries to train marketable students and produce research relevant for industrial needs.