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Grad Orientation 2018

Geology Graduate Program Committee: Dorothy Vesper (chair), James Lamsdell,
Kathleen Benison (on sabbatical Fall 2018),  Shikha Sharma (Associate Chair)

Check back often as the schedule is still being revised!



Event (details below)


Aug 9
10:00-12:00 New geology graduate student welcome and orientation; photos @ 12:00 Vesper & Lamsdell Brooks Hall, 325
1:00-3:00 Academic advising groups (20 min. meeting time assigned to each student) faculty Brooks, 324 and 325

Aug 10


WVU new GTA orientation (required by WVU of all new GTAs)


Ming Hsieh Hall, G20
2:30-3:30 GTA lottery (bring your course schedule) - required for all Geology GTAs. If you cannot attend, you need to send a proxy Lamsdell & Vesper Brooks, 325
3:30 - 3:45 Initial meeting for GEOL 790 Teaching Practicum Lebold   Brooks, 32
3:30-4:30 TA meeting for GEOL 102 Lebold Brooks, 105

Aug 13
9:30-10:30 G&G computer network orientation  Crowe Brooks, 4th floor computer labs

Aug 15
Fall classes start

Aug 24
G&G Dept Picnic at Dorsey Knob (look for details in your mail box)


New Geology Graduate Student Welcome Session

10:00 - 12:00, Thursday, Aug. 9, 325 Brooks Hall

Welcome to WVU Grad Program & Introductions Dr. Tim Carr (G&G chair), Dr. Shikha Sharma (Geology Program Chair)
Overview of orientation and agenda for the day Dr. Dorothy Vesper (Geology Grad Program Chair)
Meet the staff Ms. Lisa Lively and Hope Stewart; Mr. Randy Crowe
Overview of Grad Program – Research, curriculum, advising.  Questions & Answers Drs. Dorothy Vesper and James Lamsdell
Group & individual photos Lisa Lively

Student Advising Meetings 

Lamsdell, Donovan, Carr, Kite 324 Brooks Hall

1:00 – 2:30 PM

Time Student
1:00 El-Ashkar
1:20   Tybout
1:40 Machida
2:00 Toth
2:20 Evans    

Vesper, Andrews, Sharma, 325 Brooks Hall

1:00 – 2:30 PM

Time        Student       
1:00 Downey
1:20   Bell
1:40 Ferguson
2:00 Smith
2:20 Ore

New Student Roster (*PhD students)

Name Primary interest Office Advisor
Bell, Matt Geochem, Hydro G38 Vesper
Downey, Autum Geochem G38 Vesper
El-Ashkar, Shadya Paleontology   122 Lamsdell
Evans, Kaitlin Energy 126 Carr
Ferguson,Brennan Geochem G38 Sharma
*Machida, Namiko Paleontology
232 Lamsdell
*McCleery, Scott Energy 126 Carr
Ore, Tobi Geophysics 236 Gao
Smith, Jarrett Strat, energy 236 Weislogel
Toth, Randy Energy 126 Carr
Tybout, Samuel   Paleontology
236 Lamsdell


WVU Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation: Introduction to Effective Teaching

As a new Graduate Teaching Assistant at WVU, you should complete both parts of the GTA Orientation:
  1. Face-to-Face Orientation  (Friday, August 10, 20187:30 am – 2:30 pm Ming Hsieh Hall G20)
  2. Online modules (Complete these modules by the beginning of Fall semester) (to access instructions, download


Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) As an instructor, you are responsible for maintaining confidentiality around students’ personal information, including their grades and performance in the course. This module will help you anticipate common FERPA issues that instructors face and will help you avoid FERPA violations.
Academic Integrity and Dishonesty The module explores several forms of academic dishonesty and provides information to prevent academic dishonesty and maintain WVU academic integrity code in the classroom.
Diversity and Accessibility When you teach, you will have a diversity of learners. This module shares ideas on how to teach diverse learners in your classroom and assist students with special needs and accommodations
Integrating School and Life This module will help you identify resources available at WVU that can help you and your students balance school and life.

TA Lottery (mandatory for all GTAs)

2:30-3:30 am, Friday, August 11 
325 Brooks Hall (Lamsdell & Vesper)

Want to win the Lottery?? Here we'll assign teaching activities (teaching labs, assisting profs in large lecture courses, etc). Bring your personal class schedule. Mandatory for all TAs.  If for any reason you do not show up at this meeting, your TA assignments will be made without your input. It will then be your responsibility to resolve any conflict between your own courses and TA assignment. 

First meeting of GEOL 790 Teaching Practicum (mandatory for GTAs)

3:30-3:45 pm, Friday, August 10 
325Brooks Hall, Dr. Joe Lebold

This is the initial 

Orientation for GEOL 102 labs (mandatory for 102 GTAs)

3:45-4:30 pm, Friday, August 10 
105 Brooks Hall, Dr. Joe Lebold

This is the first weekly meeting for TAs of Geol 102: Introductory Physical Geology.


Introduction to Our Computer Network

9:30 – 10:30 am, Monday Aug. 13
Brooks Hall 4th floor computer suite
Randy Crowe (G/G Systems Administrator)

An orientation to the department’s computer facilities and policies. Get a network account, e-mail address, and key to the computer room.

Office of Graduate Education and Life University-wide Grad Orientation (attendance voluntary) 

2:00-4:00 PM, Monday August 13, Evansdale Crossing 414 (Evansdale Campus). Link to site


Welcome Back Picnic 4-9 PM, Friday August 24 

Dorseys Knob Park,

Social get-together so that old and new can meet informally. Bring a covered dish and whatever drinks you wish, but no drinks in glass. Significant others and families and well-behaved dogs are invited too. Watch your mailbox and department signs for details.


Important online training modules

To be taken by all geology graduate students (mandatory!!):  

WVU Libraries plagiarism tutorial:  Take as a guest, take quiz, print results, bring printed results to Hope in the Department office and ask her to put it in your student file

In addition, students who will work in a chemical lab must take online lab safety training:  Take test and save and email results page to our chemical safety officer  (individual to be named)