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Prospective Students


We’re always looking for good grad students. Are you a little unsure about where to start? Here are some suggestions – for whatever programs you’re considering.

Find the right person and program…Start by visiting the web pages of potential advisors. See what we do. If a topic interests you, then read some of that person’s publications. Would you like to do that type of research yourself?

Once you’ve identified some people you might want to work with, send them an email. Include some detail in your email – what are your interests? Where are you now? Introduce yourself (briefly!). Attach a resume. In our program we don’t formally assign MS students to specific advisors upon acceptance, however these steps are still important because you don’t want to end up in a place where you aren’t interested in the active research areas. You want to be sure that one or more faculty on the program are doing work that is of interest to you.

PhD students, on the other hand, will not be admitted unless one or more faculty have agreed to advise them. You must take the initiative to identify faculty you would like to work with, familiarize yourself their research and obtain their agreement to advise you. Those faculty will also be your advocate during the application process. When you look at our list of faculty members, you’ll find the ones who routinely advise graduate students marked with an asterisk.

In the Prospective Students page, note additional information in the side bar at right: Financial Support, Apply Now, Admissions Guidelines … Get familiar with the opportunities and application process. Continue to explore the Geology program web content. Review the information about the program – geology research areas, courses, graduate handbook, degree requirements. This will give you a good idea how the program works.

Think you might be interested in joining us? Apply!

Best wishes on your search!


(1) We are a small and friendly department.

(2) We have got some great active research topics

(3) Our association with Geography means there are excellent GIS facilities.

(4) We work in newly renovated building – beautiful Brooks Hall.

(5) West Virginia is a beautiful state with great geology.

(6) There are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure nearby

(7) We are about 1 hour from Pittsburgh and 4 hours from DC.

(8) Morgantown is a small but funky town. Local owned coffee shops, organic food coop, miles of bike trail, neighborhoods where people actually sit on the front porch and talk to passersby.

(9) The best tofu comes from West Virginia. (I realize that may not be a draw for everyone, but consider it the unexpected factoid. And then check out what CNN says about Spring Creek Natural Foods).

(10) Our students get jobs in geology – doing what they trained for.

Last but not least: Worried about College Loan Debt? Forget about it! In the majority of cases, we pay you. The Program has over 20 graduate teaching assistantships and numerous Research Assistantships that will get you through graduate school without adding to your debt load!