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Although the admission process continues until all positions are filled, applicants seeking financial support should apply by the dates below. We ask that you submit your transcripts and any test scores (GREs, TOEFL) ahead of your main application. This is because there is a substantial time lag between you asking for transcripts, letters and GRE scores to be sent and when we actually see them. We realize that sending your transcripts this early means that they will not include fall semester grades if you are still in school. We may need to ask you for an updated transcript later, but your early submission allows us to consider your file on the required schedule and will improve your likelihood for a funded position. If you are an international student, please send your transcripts as soon as possible – preferably a month before the dates above. This is because the required translation process takes at least a month. Even if your transcript is in English, WVU needs to translate your grades into their US-equivalents.

For Fall Semester Admission

  • Transcripts: Please submit by December 15
  • Test Scores: Please submit by December 15
  • Completed Application Due: January 1

Spring Semester Admission. We SOMETIMES accept a few students to start in spring. Please contact the dept. for more information if you are interested.

Application Procedures

1. REQUIRED INFORMATION: formal transcripts, GRE, and (international only) TOEFL scores; completed online application with Resume and Personal Statement; and three letters of recommendation submitted directly by your referees

2. For both U.S. and international applicants:
  • Have official GRE scores sent from ETS directly to WVU—institution code 5904—can either be done when taking test or as an additional report
  • Have official Academic Transcripts sent from your academic institution(s) directly to WVU Admissions and Records

Complete the online University Graduate Application (GEMS system)

  1. Follow link to “Application for Graduate Admission” 
  2. Create a username/password on the application site and log in 
  3. Enter all personal and contact information 
  4. Enter enrollment information—semester applied for, degree (MS or PhD) and “Geology” 
  5. Enter academic background—include all post-secondary academic history, GPAs, and degree dates 
  6. Complete residency and FERPA sections note that for the majority of our grad students tuition is waived 
  7. Upload a Personal Statement and Resume under “supplemental materials” 
  8. Enter names of 3 or more professional references – provide names, emails, contact info, and titles – they will be asked to submit a pdf recommendation 
  9. Push the button and submit application! 

3. International applicants only, in addition:

Complete “International applicant information” in the Graduate Application above Submit official TOEFL scores (Sent directly from ETS to WVU as above, school code 5904) take WVU SPEAK exam (needed if applicant intends to apply for stipend as Teaching Assistant)