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Arranging a Visit

We encourage prospective graduate students to visit, however, in recent years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of students applying to our program and interest in Department visits. To make all visits as useful and productive as possible for both you and us, we request you follow these guidelines:

1. Before visiting, you should have already identified and contacted prospective advisor(s) in your area of interest. This means having reviewed their web sites, publications, etc. This step is important to ensure that a good match exists for you at WVU. Some years we don’t accept students in specific research areas (e.g., when the paleontologist is on sabbatical), so it’s better to discover that early.

2. Send your current transcript, GRE scores and a resume to the potential advisor. It’s okay if these come from you as informal information initially. It will help us to know how competitive your application would be.

3. Ask your prospective advisor about visiting. That’s the person who will typically organize your visit. It is particularly helpful if you identify 1-3 additional people you want to meet while you’re here.

4. Let your contact know if there are any specific questions you need to have answered. For example, if there are issues with undergrad deficiencies, then it may make sense for you to meet with a member of the Graduate Program Committee. If you have VISA questions, then you may need to meet with the International Student Office.