Joe Donovan

Joe Donovan


Quantitative hydrogeology. Mining hydrogeology. Groundwater-lake interaction. Holocene paleoclimate.

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B.S. Geography, Cum Laude, Penn State University, 1974

M.Sc. Geological Sciences, McGill University, 1977

Ph.D. Geosciences, Penn State University, 1992.


  • Quantitative hydrogeology
  • Mining hydrogeology
  • Groundwater-lake interaction
  • Holocene paleoclimate.

Recent Publications

  • Glaser, P.H., Hansen, B.C.S., Donovan, J. J., Givnish, T.J., Stricker, C.A., and Volin, J.C., 2013, in press. Holocene Dynamics of the Florida Everglades with Respect to Climate, Dustfall, and Tropical Storms. Proceedings National Academy of Science.
  • Donovan, Joseph J., and Ziemkiewicz, Paul F., 2013, in press. Selenium adsorption by layered iron oxide beds beneath coal-mine overburden spoil. Journal of Environmental Quality.
  • Grimm, E.C., Donovan, J.J., and Brown, K., 2011. A high-resolution mineral, pollen, and charcoal record of climatic variability and landscape response from Kettle Lake in the northern Great Plains of North America. Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 30, p. 2626-2650. PDF
  • Hobbs, W, Fritz, S., Stone, J., Donovan, J.J., Grimm, E., and Almendinger, J., 2011. Environmental history of a closed-basin lake in the US Great Plains: diatom response to variations in groundwater flow regimes over the last 8500 cal yrs BP. The Holocene, v. 21. PDF
  • Vinciguerra, C.M., and Donovan, J.J., 2010. Spatial variations in apparent recharge rate to a montane Paleozoic bedrock aquifer, Appalachian Mountains, United States. Environmental Geosciences, v. 17: 121-1367. PDF
  • Shapley MD, Ito E, and Donovan JJ, 2009. Lateglacial and Holocene hydroclimate inferred from a groundwater flow-through lake. The Holocene, v. 19: 523-535. PDF
  • Morris, AJ, Donovan, JJ, and Strager, MJ, 2009. Geospatial Analysis of Climatic and Geomorphic Interactions Influencing Stream Discharge, Appalachian Mountains, USA. Journal of Environmental Modeling and Assessment. v. 14(1), p. 73-84 PDF
  • Morris, AJ, Donovan, JJ, and Thies, JE, 2008. Reconnaissance spatial analysis of the hydrogeology of closed underground coal mines. Environmental Geosciences, v. 15: 183-197. PDF
  • Shapley MD, Ito E, and Donovan JJ, 2008. Isotopic evolution and climate paleorecords: modeling boundary effects in groundwater-dominated lakes. Journal of Paleolimnology 39(1): 17. PDF
  • Werner, E., Donovan, J.J., and Barker, E., 2008. Alkaline Injection of Concentrated Sodium Hydroxide Solution into an Acidic Surface Mine Spoil Aquifer. Journal: Mine Water and the Environment, Vol: 27, No. 2, , p.109-121 PDF
  • Donovan JJ, and Grimm EC, 2007. Episodic struvite deposits in a Northern Great Plains flyway lake: indicators of mid-Holocene drought? The Holocene, Vol. 17, No. 8, p. 1155-1169. PDF
  • McCoy, K.J., Donovan, J.J., and Leavitt, B.R. 2006., Horizontal hydraulic conductivity estimates for intact coal barriers between closed underground mines. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience v. 12, p. 273-282.PDF
  • Brown KJ, Clark JS, Grimm EC, Donovan JJ, Mueller PG, 2005. Fire cycles in North American interior grasslands and their relation to prairie droughts. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, v. 102, p. 8865-8870 PDF
  • Shapley, M.D., Ito, E., and Donovan, J.J., 2005. Authigenic calcium carbonate flux in groundwater-controlled lakes: implications for lacustrine paleoclimate records. Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta. v. 69, p. 2517-2533. PDF

Current/Pending Courses

Geology 593C Field Hydrogeology (3 credits) Fall 2013

Geology 562 Quanntitative Hydrogeology (3 credits) Fall 2014

Geology 659 Quant Methods with R (3 credits) Spring 2015

Geology 463 Physical Hydrogeology.(3 credits) Fall 2015

Geology 101. The Planet Earth (3 credits) Spring 2015   phone (304)293-9803