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Joe Donovan

Joe Donovan


Quantitative hydrogeology. Mining hydrogeology. Groundwater-lake interaction. Holocene paleoclimate.

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B.S. Geography, Cum Laude, Penn State University, 1974

M.Sc. Geological Sciences, McGill University, 1977

Ph.D. Geosciences, Penn State University, 1992.

Recent Publications

  • Maharjan, M., and Donovan, J.J., 2018.  Heat flow into intermittently-pumped wells within unconfined alluvial aquifers.  Journal of Hydrology, v. 567, p. 533-545.  
  • Hupp, Brittany N., and Joseph J. Donovan, 2018, Quantitative mineralogy for facies definition in the Marcellus Shale(Appalachian Basin, USA) using XRD-XRF integration.    Sedimentary Geology, V. 371, p. 16-31. doi: 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2018.04.007. 
  • Ziemkiewicz, Paul, Stauffer, Philip H., Sullivan-Graham, Jeri,  Chu,  Shaoping P., Bourcier, William L., Buscheck, Thomas A., Carr, Timothy, Donovan, Joseph, Jiao, Zunsheng, Lin. Lianshin, Song, Liaosha,  and Wagoner, Jeffrey L., 2016.  Opportunities for increasing CO2 storage in deep, saline formations by active reservoir management and treatment of extracted formation water: Case study at the GreenGen IGCC facility, Tianjin, PR China.  International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 54,(2), p. 538-556.  
  • Maharjan, M. and Donovan, J.J., 2016. Groundwater response to serial stream stage fluctuations in shallow unconfined alluvial aquifers along a regulated stream (West Virginia, USA) Hydrogeology Journal 24: 2003. doi:10.1007/s10040-016-1443-6. 
  • Glaser, Paul H., Hansen, Barbara C. S., Donovan, Joseph J., Givnish, Thomas J., Stricker, Craig A., and Voline, John C., 2015.    Comment on “Donders, T.H. 2014. Middle Holocene humidity increase in Florida: Climate or sea-level? Quaternary Science Reviews 103: 170-174. 

  • Light, D.D.M, and Donovan, J.J., 2015.  Mine-Water Flow between Contiguous Flooded Underground Coal Mines with Hydraulically Compromised Barriers.  Environmental & Engineering Geoscience 2015;21:147-164. 

Current/Pending Courses

Geology 101. The Planet Earth (3 credits) Spring 2019   phone (304)293-9803